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New Product Announcement – iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™

Nov 1, 2022

iQtransit is pleased to announce the development of a new product, the iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ for reclaimed mobile device industry (logistics) customers.

iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ is a hardware and software based solution. Processing center employees scan the device serial number (using a traveler barcode). Next, they place the mobile device on the platform to begin the automated scan. The mobile device is then photographed from all angles and positions. When the sequence is complete, the employee is notified that the next phone is ready to be processed. After sending photos to cloud storage, the product identifies and grades cosmetic condition using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms. A detailed report is also created, which can be used to create a custom condition grade for the device. All reports and photos are available on a portal for review.

iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ also acts as a photo booth for the device. Special care is taken to eliminating glare in photographs (glare can hide minor damage). The product sequences the entire process. The device is rotated 360 degrees. It then tilts the device to ensure all edges are captured in photographic detail. This makes it possible to capture high-resolution, glare-free images which don’t miss any cosmetic details.

The product is cloud native and highly scalable. It is based on a subscription software fee based on usage.

iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ can help eliminate arbitrary and time-consuming human visual inspections – and save money in logistics processing centers or 3PLs.

The product is designed in a modular way to reduce cost and keep software fees as low as possible. The “box” is portable and requires no special infrastructure – other than the box and cloud platform.

The product will be ready for small-scale manufacture by March 1, 2022.

The gallery below shows the current prototype.

Auto-Grader Workflow Diagram
iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ boxes are installed at the processing center. Photos are pushed directly to the cloud, then processed using AI to generate a detailed damage report. A webhook is used to notify the customer that report is complete.