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IT Consulting
Software Project Management


Can Your Team Benefit from Better Project Management?

Specifically designed for clients of outsourced and freelance software development teams, the Software Development Envoy provides agency for clients. This protects them against poorly managed, fragmented outsourced and freelance teams, and provides the technical oversight needed to ensure client’s outsourced teams are coordinated and performing strongly.

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Not sure where to start?

Start here.  All of our projects regardless of size start with a consultation round.  The smaller projects may need only an hour or two of information gathering.  However, to obtain a streamlined workforce our strength can become your strength.  We look at the whole picture and our natural overlap between technology and personality makes us the choice to simplify your relationship with your technology vendors, outsourced teams and freelance contractors.

Need help with what you have?

Whether you have contractors, employees, or overseas talent, we’ve worked with them all.  Our strategy is to identify resources, and then assign tasks to workers based on their abilities.  We fully spec out our projects, and hold team members accountable
for their deliverables while offering them access to our expertise.  Our experience makes us the perfect fit to manage teams of all sizes and abilities.