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Logistics Process Quality

In a complex, high-throughput logistics system, it is often difficult to tell when something goes wrong. For example, in the refurbished or recycled market, products in the processing center may move from inspected to repair and then to inventory status. In a process with multiple inspection and repair steps, some products have taken an incorrect path and wind up in incorrect bins or get “lost” in the system.

This an expensive problem. When errors occur, humans need to address the problem in real-time and with urgent priority, pulling the team off other tasks and losing focus on more important issues. Finance can also be affected due to lost or delayed inventory.

iQtransit helps businesses find these problems by applying analytical models to the data and using anomaly detection algorithms to find them. We have applied custom solutions to a variety of industries such as mobile phone recycling.

Sample Client: Alchemy Telco Solutions Ltd.

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