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New Product Announcement – iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™

Nov 1, 2022 iQtransit is pleased to announce the development of a new product, the iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ for reclaimed mobile device industry (logistics) customers. iQtransit Mobile Device Auto-Grader™ is a hardware and software based solution. Processing center employees scan the device serial number (using a traveler barcode). Next, they place the mobile device …

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iQtransit Visits Wingware Headquarters in Dallas, TX

iQtransit visited the headquarters of Wingware this August. Wingware, LLC from Dallas TX, is a 7-year client of iQtransit, Inc from the Boston-metro area. iQtransit Inc. provides software development and consulting services, and assists with the Jetfuel QC quality control web application for the commercial aviation industry. iQtransit provides software development on the main JFQC …

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6 Ideas to Improve your Transportation Processes with Machine Learning and AI

The future is here with AI and machine learning. Companies throughout the globe are taking advantage of advancements in storage, analysis and processing of image and photo data. Here are some ideas to greatly improve your transportation company’s efficiency. Rental Vehicle Damage Cost Recovery Identify damage in an automated way, by comparing before and after …

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Rising Fuel Costs Impact On Logistics

The era of cheap gas is over. With record-high prices continuing to grow, supply hiccups impacting the production of everything from refrigerators to automobiles, and a stubborn resurgence in Covid-19 cases across China that have caused port logjams which could result again last year’s supply chain delays – it’s not just your typical headaches we’re …

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The Russian Invasion And Your Business

What the Russian invasion means for your business Are you still trying to figure out what the Russian invasion means for your business? You’re not alone. The fallout from the invasion is still being felt throughout supply chains around the world. Here’s a breakdown of how the crisis is affecting transportation and logistics companies. Since …

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ADS might make Trucking better for Drivers Instead of Eliminating Jobs

A US DOT and US Department of Labor Analysis of Potential Workforce Impacts predicted ADS (automated driving systems) to gradually eliminate driving jobs in the future. This opinion is shared broadly. For example San Diego news reports ADS could be a threat to trucker jobs. So why hasn’t this happened already? One would think that …

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5G And The Aviation Industry: Why The Rollout Was Problematic And What’s Happening Now

Plane in air with 5G and cityscape background

The aviation industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have raised concerns about potential interference of 5G with sensitive aircraft electronics like radio altimeters

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Enable Swap on SSD Cloud-Based Virtual Hosts

An easy way to get more value from your cloud provider is to enable swap on your SSD-based virtual hosts. “Although swap is generally recommended for systems utilizing traditional spinning hard drives, using swap with SSDs can cause issues with hardware degradation over time. Due to this consideration, we do not recommend enabling swap on …

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What is a Software Development “Envoy”?

Clients face significant barriers maintaining their relationships with software vendors – especially their remote and outsourced teams. An “Envoy” can work as an agent for the client, protecting client interests and ensuring strong performance. Software development can be fraught with misunderstanding, delays and budget overruns*. Why is this? Because software development – especially outsourced software …

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