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Rising Fuel Costs Impact On Logistics

The era of cheap gas is over. With record-high prices continuing to grow, supply hiccups impacting the production of everything from refrigerators to automobiles, and a stubborn resurgence in Covid-19 cases across China that have caused port logjams which could result again last year’s supply chain delays – it’s not just your typical headaches we’re …

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The Russian Invasion And Your Business

What the Russian invasion means for your business Are you still trying to figure out what the Russian invasion means for your business? You’re not alone. The fallout from the invasion is still being felt throughout supply chains around the world. Here’s a breakdown of how the crisis is affecting transportation and logistics companies. Since …

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5G And The Aviation Industry: Why The Rollout Was Problematic And What’s Happening Now

Plane in air with 5G and cityscape background

The aviation industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have raised concerns about potential interference of 5G with sensitive aircraft electronics like radio altimeters

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Hybrid Mobile Apps and where Material Design Fits In

I found this article by John McMahon, Starter Inc. very insightful about where Material Design fits into the “battle” of Hybrid mobile development. Ultimately, the weight of native mobile application development is too much… too expensive, too time consuming and too slow. The web must be “brought back to mobile”. It needs to be supported, …

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Mobile is Looking more like the Web

It’s funny. The Web just can’t be kept down, and it’s spirit and character are still alive. But things are definitely different after the mobile revolution started. Here’s a few things I’m seeing: Developers are worn out trying to make apps work everywhere. It’s amazing to think that when you said “app” 8 years ago, …

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Legacy Work is Where Grit Matters

I was recently reading a great article on techniques for rescuing legacy code. And it occurred to me that difficult, hard-to-manage legacy projects present a great business opportunity. I see a lot these lately, with legacy PHP, Magento, ASP.Net or classic ASP, ColdFusion or Perl/ModPerl.     Even though they are older technology, they can …

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5 Reasons Big Sites go Mobile-Only and not Responsive

Yahoo uses “Dynamic Serving” to send an easy-to-click, mobile-optimized site. Mobile-Only (MO) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) are both great techniques to approach mobile-friendly web sites. (For background, see Mobile SEO: Responsive Design vs. Separate Mobile Site vs. Dynamic Serving.) In fact, RWD is the only choice for redesign sites, simple sites and smaller sites …

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